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With little more than a Communications degree, hard work and perseverance, Mark Ciemcioch managed to make a living and career out from writing, editing and coordinating media in Buffalo, NY, for more than 20 years now.

Ciemcioch currently works as the Online Content Coordinator for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, writing, creating and supervising all online media for both the diocese and its official newspaper, the award-winning Western New York Catholic. This includes updating multiple websites, creating content for social media platforms, working with the Diocesan Director of Communications on public relations strategies and assisting other departments on their online needs.

Notably, Ciemcioch developed this job completely, proposing to the diocese that there was a need for a full-time supervisor for the many online platforms the organization was using. Prior to that, Ciemcioch worked as a staff reporter for the Western New York Catholic newspaper, pitching, writing and editing stories about the Catholic Church in Buffalo. Over time, he was given the responsibility to handle the newspaper’s online site and social media, giving Ciemcioch skills that allowed him to take the position he has today.

Ciemcioch has an extensive career in freelance writing, including almost 20 years contributing to The Buffalo News, one of the country’s largest regional newspapers. For more than a decade, he has covered local municipalities and school districts, highlighting area elections, fiscal budgets and other important stories impacting neighborhood residents. In recent years, Ciemcioch has previewed upcoming comedy and other entertainment events, interviewing stars like John Cleese, David Cross, Weird Al Yankovic, Steven Wright, Colin Quinn, Nikki Glaser and Hulk Hogan.

In addition to the newspaper, Ciemcioch has contributed to various publications like USA Today, Buffalo Spree and Back Issue magazine. In 2013, Ciemcioch co-authored his first book, “Buffalo Bizarre,” which recounted weird, unusual and funny stories about Western New York.

As a journalist writing about comedy, Ciemcioch trained for the job with onstage experience, spending a half-dozen years writing and performing standup and sketch comedy in venues like Helium Comedy Club, Babeville and Nietzsche’s in Buffalo. He also wrote and produced a Second City revue show after graduating from the Second City Toronto writing program.

Through journalism, social media development and comedy, Ciemcioch has unique perspectives and experience to write effective stories, copy and marketing for your company or business. You can contact him here to inquire about samples and rates.

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