Ultimate Movie Year

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I love movies. I always have. I believe film has become the best art form that can reach audiences across all countries, creeds, and backgrounds. Movies can lift us, make us laugh and cry, and spike us with enough adrenaline to go conquer the world.

I watch at least one movie every week. There are times I've watched one (or more) a day, and will plot out a movie calendar like a sports fan looking at the new schedule. But what if you could plan your movie schedule?

Ultimate Movie Year is a new column that looks back into the recent past to rediscover the best films that came out that weekend, compiling a list of beloved films that are diverse in genre, style, and culture. Every week, we'll look at why the film was successful, how it found its audience, and why it continues to hold a place in our hearts.

With any luck, you'll learn something new about a modern classic, feel an aching desire to go back and watch the film, or even be inspired to watch a movie you've never seen before.

The Ultimate Movie Year has already been planned out, by using a few ground rules:

  1. You can only choose one movie that came out on that particular weekend, going by the Box Office Mojo weekly schedule.

  2. You may only pick one movie from a particular director or franchise.

While there's been some improvement in recent years, the motion picture industry continues to be dominated by white filmmakers. On a personal note, I've also tried to be mindful of choosing films with a diversity of filmmakers, and they often bring a particularly unique point of view. My list also goes back to 1975 as the release of "Jaws" changed the system of distribution for films.

But as with any list, there is subjective opinion throughout. This is by no means a definitive list for all time, and is meant to inspire discussion and commentary. I invite you to create your own Ultimate Movie Year lists and send it to us via email or social media.

And as always, thanks for reading, and see you at the movies.

The List:

Week 29: “Aliens”

Week 30: “Die Hard”

Week 31: “Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation”

Week 32: “Unforgiven”

Week 33: “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

Week 34: “Dirty Dancing”

Week 35: “Hero”

Week 36: “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”